About My Truth

My Truth is non-profit grassroots organization whose mission is to enable IDF reserve soldiers to share their values, first-hand experiences, and the high moral standards they strive to meet. My Truth soldiers speak openly about the unparalleled ethical dilemmas and complexities they face, and present an objective view of their conduct and fierce commitment to the IDF’s ethical code.

Our Vision

My Truth shares the reality regarding the way IDF soldiers conduct their actions. Through our educational platforms and testimonies, we counter the misinformation and false claims being waged against Israeli Soldiers. The organization sheds light on the unparalleled experiences and the challenging situations which Israeli soldiers face on a daily basis. We fill the gap and vacuum that was created in Israel and abroad when discussing moral values of Israeli soldiers and respond to those who slander and defame Israeli soldiers.

Our Team

The founders and volunteers and reservists in My Truth come from across the spectrum of Israeli society and from all over the political spectrum. They hold a wide range of political beliefs, and are united in their desire to protect the security of Israeli soldiers. We contest those who advance political agendas by cynically manipulating stories of Israeli soldiers and slander them worldwide under the pretence of “creating a public debate” or in the name of so-called “full disclosure”.


Matan Katzman

Chairman and co-founder

Shachar Liran-Hanan


Avihai Shorshan

Deputy CEO and co-founder

Lior Shahaf

Testimony project manager

Emanuel Miller

Social media & foreign press manager

Dror Dagan


Iris Cohenian

New media manager

Lital Shemesh


Itamar Atzmony