Testimony Num : 154

We Ourselves Wanted to be Moral, regardless of MachsomWatch

Tzabar Battalion, Givati

MachsomWatch is an organization that supervises the checkpoints throughout the
West Bank to make sure that they are handled in a proper and humane manner. They
would often arrive at the checkpoint and stand there in shifts. They actually supervised
us. We would often argue, because they would arrive to a risky location and I had to
assign soldiers to protect THEM.
At first, we did not know how to deal with them and how to treat them, especially
when they tried to get too close and ask people at the checkpoint what was happening.
At some point, we reached an understanding with them and agreed that they wouldn’t
cross a certain line without protection. So when I had enough men, or when the
checkpoint was less overloaded, a soldier would accompany them, and they would ask
the people at the checkpoint any question that was on their mind. Furthermore, they
were accompanied by a translator on their behalf, who would mediate between them
and the people at the checkpoint.
Often, he would arrive before them, so I used his help to communicate with the people
at the checkpoint and I accompanied him. He himself was Palestinian, of course, so I
was less fearful of his safety, but I guarded him nonetheless, because of the agreement
we had with the organization.