Testimony Num : 87

We are doing everything we can to prevent damage

Maglan Unit, Medic

This story begins at the northern border. Our team had to go to look at some villages,
but only once we arrived would we understand the nature of the mission and what we
should look for. This is all the information we were given. It’s the winter, it’s raining
and terribly cold outside, and we’re going to be in this observation for 72 hours. We
didn’t lie inside a building, we lay outside trying to find a comfortable spot on the
We were observing the village and slowly we understood the mission. We received
a book from the intelligence department with information about various villages
suspected of hostile activity including stockpiles of weapons, missile launchers against
Israel, or suspicious people.
I remember lying there in the rain and the snow just looking at houses in a remote village
and having no idea how they got this intelligence at all, but there’s real suspicion! And
in any case, soldiers were risking their lives just to make sure it was the real goal. G-d
forbid, so we wouldn’t attack homes for no reason.
I thought to myself – what madness! Where else are such things done this way? Sending
a trained team to lie in the middle of nowhere on the
northern border to make 110% sure that this is a real goal and to prevent
damaging the building or, the people.