Testimony Num : 190

Who profits from death and who chooses life

During Operation Protective Edge I served as a deputy commander of an infantry company. Throughout three weeks of intensive clashes, I participated in countless encounters with Hamas terrorists, including tunnel fighting, rocket units, etc. One of my special missions was commanding an extraction force. I was in charge of extracting wounded and dead, among them were my soldiers and friends. I also took part in numerous events where Hamas used the local civilian population against us.  

One of those missions included an extraction of 30-40 Palestinians civilians who got trapped between the forces and were used by Hamas as a human shield. We evacuated them, gave them some of our food and water, brought them to a safe place, guarded them and provided them with medical supplies. We pretty much saved their lives from Hamas. As an officer and a combat trooper, in both the standing IDF service and reserves, it is important to me that people will know the very complex reality that the IDF faces. IDF soldiers have to protect the people of Israel, but at the same time, not fall into Hamas’ “moral traps” and enable its immoral wrong doing against its own population.

I personally am not worried as I know that behind any command given or an action taken by the IDF soldiers and officers there is a long tradition of ethics, morals and expertise at the highest levels. Such tradition gives us the tools to overcome the most complex scenarios and enables our soldiers to live through them and save lives.  I believe that this truth needs to be told out loud and eventually the world will understand who profits from death and who chooses life.