Testimony Num : 83

They were given the option to be evacuated by the Red Crescent

Combat Medic, Meitar Battalion, Artillery Corps

During my two years of service in Judea and Samaria we were in four or five sectors.
Ninety percent of the cases that we got called by the army to handle were actually
because of Palestinians that needed assistance – whether they were pregnant women
at checkpoints who didn’t feel well, or elderly women who did not feel well and they
complained to the army that they needed medical treatment. In fact, we understood that
this was a kind of a ‘trend.’ “What is the trend? They want to be evacuated to an Israeli
hospital because they do not want to be treated by the Red Crescent or Palestinian
hospitals because the infrastructure there is very weak.
Now, you probably tell yourself “weak infrastructure” sure because they do not invest
money in the Palestinians, so they do not have the possibility to develop… This is not
true. There is money. But when you invest money in terror, for building tunnels, for
weapons, for the benefit of senior Palestinian officials who make millions and become
millionaires and don’t invest in infrastructures like hospitals, or education, then there is
weak infrastructure. I myself have spoken to Palestinians who have actually complained
to me … They were given the option of being evacuated by the Red Crescent and never
agreed. They always wanted to be evacuated to an Israeli hospital, which is absurd to
me, but this is the reality.
Looking back, I do not think I would have done otherwise, because in the end when
you serve in the army, the army commands you and you, as a medical staff member
swear to a policy and have to work by it. The fact I felt inside that it was absurd,
not right, outrageous and sometimes didn’t feel like helping them because I felt like I
might be standing in front of someone who can wake up tomorrow and send his child
to explode or stab…But that’s what the army does, that’s what the army wants, and you
do what the army demands, that’s why we actually serve in the most virtuous army in
the world.