Testimony Num : 156

The meaning of that, is a certain impact on Israeli civilians

Battalion 202, Paratroopers

A few years ago, during the second intifada, there were a lot of barriers, dozens, even
more, to protect the security because the situation was very difficult and there were
attacks inside Israel. When the situation calmed down and things got back to normal,
when I was there in 2009, there were a few barriers and they were only there to make
sure no terrorist goes through.
A barrier is meant to protect the lives of civilians and the soldiers. What if by chance,
out of a thousand vehicles passing through the checkpoint, I missed one vehicle with
an explosive device or a weapon this impacts civilians, families, and children on the
Israeli side, or on my soldiers guarding the area?
That is the meaning. And that means being sharp, being alert every minute, every
second, knowing that if I miss something it means that Israeli civilians or soldiers will
get hurt.