Testimony Num : 40

Suddenly they started dancing like crazy

101st Battalion, Paratroopers

There is something called a pillbox, which is a very high concrete guard post, which
overlooks a large area and is usually found at key points. At that time, I was an ordinary
soldier. I was not a commander. We were in this pillbox position. Two of my friends
from the platoon and I and our commander stayed there, in a small living area with
food and places to sleep. Upstairs, there are always two people who stand guard and
downstairs, there are two people that rest.
Suddenly, three young men, approximately 22 or 23 years old, approached our area and
slowly they got to the point of the green line. We started yelling “stop” in Hebrew – they
did not answer. Then we started yelling at them to “stop in Arabic, all that is said in
the procedure for arresting a suspect. However, they continued getting closer, and the
moment they got closer, we had binoculars there and we saw that they held something
that looked very large from a distance. We had no idea what it was, especially because
they were 300-400 meters away.
We went on the radio and spoke to the division commander. We told him that there
are 3 young guys approaching us holding something suspicious and we cannot figure
out what it is. We called our commander because we are “Hapashim”, which means
we can’t take the matter into our own hands in this kind of situations. The commander
decided in cooperation with us that we should not shoot. Obviously, we are also in the
pillbox, so at the moment they pose no risk to us, as long as we do not know what the
big thing is.
They continued to approach, already 50 meters, which is already an area where they
could pull anything from this big box, gun, M-16, RPG or anything else that could
blow our position into the air.
You do not know what to do. We were at a point where we could easily hit them and in
the end, we decided not to do so.

Suddenly, the guys took out this huge thing, which turned out to be a huge loudspeaker
or some kind of device that I didn’t recognize. They took out this loudspeaker, turned
on music in high volume and started dancing. The three of them, danced like crazy
people, for fifteen minutes, without stopping. Dancing, dancing, dancing … Now,
maybe it’s some sort of distraction, maybe there’s something beyond, what’s going on
here? It’s not normal. We were there for four months, it never happened to any of my
guys around, it did not happen to anyone.
In short, after fifteen minutes, they stopped dancing, turned off the music and started
yelling at us in Hebrew, “We hate Abu Mazen. We hate the Palestinians. We want to
move to you. We want to move to Israel, it’s the only place decent to live in. “We were
a little shocked because it might as well have been an event where someone could
have been killed. This has been a permanent position there for years, there is a wall
between Qalqilya and Highway 6, the pillbox was in an area connected to the wall
where cameras have no view, so there must be a permanent position there and there
was simply no reason for them to approach. It wasn’t on the way anywhere, they came
specifically there, to make the show that they were planning to do and return to where
they came from…
They could have pulled anything from the weird box, a speaker is something big,
that from a distance you can’t recognize. In another situation, it could have ended
differently. It was a lucky case.