Testimony Num : 118

States of Israel War Criminals

Battalion 202, Paratroopers

In 2006, I was a Platoon Commander; I led about 20 soldiers on routine security
missions along the border of the Gaza Strip. One day, it became real. We received
the order to defend the State, enter the Gaza Strip and neutralize the missile threats to
Israel during Operation Cast Lead. We entered the Gaza Strip and fought. After two
weeks, I suddenly received a message on Facebook from a very good friend of mine
who wrote me, “Hey how’s it going? Everything is fine? Feeling good? I’m glad you
came out of Gaza and you’re ok, but I have to tell you something that bothers me, just
press the link I sent you and look at number 157.”
I didn’t know what this link was, so I pressed it and when the screen loaded, I saw a
very large headline, in which was written: “The war criminals of the State of Israel”. It
was a very broad paragraph stating: “The following people on this list raped, murdered
and conquered land that was not theirs. I went down the list and reached number 157,
and to my surprise I saw myself. “A great war criminal”. There were a lot of details
about me, my name, my rank, my job in the army, my ID card, my personal army
number, and where I live.
From that moment on, I was under a very serious attack by anti-Israel people on the
web, which included hateful messages and threats to my life. I even received letters
to my home, personally threatening me. Two weeks later, I received a letter from the
Defense Ministry, warning me of an unspecific threat to my life. They told me that I
had to make sure that no one followed me when I left the house and also prevented me
from traveling abroad.
Now, imagine a 20-year-old who comes to defend his country, to serve and to do
everything he can so that his family and friends will be safe. However, when he returns
home, after he had finished all his tasks, he is suddenly attacked personally for things
he did in that operation..
We were told that her ultimate goal would be to get close to the squad and
explode near it. How can you handle it? So my soldiers asked me, “Yaron what am
I going to do when I see an old woman? Can I shoot, or not?” You have to make a
decision… And in fact, I found myself under a very massive attack, something that
has greatly deterred and disturbed my personal life and still affects me to this day. If
you search for my name on the internet, on the social networks, you can find me. It’s
complicated to find a job or to work with people on an international level online, when
they can find me on Facebook, and getting asked questions about things that were not
true. For me, it’s absurd.