Testimony Num : 130

On the Walls- Drawings of Micky Mouse and Tweety, under the Bed- Linen Boxes- Rocket Launchers and Kalashnikov Rifles

Golani Orev

It was during Operation Autumn Clouds, November 2006. It was a week-long
operation during which we surveyed each home in Beit Hanoun, in order to clear the
neighborhood of weapons, mainly rocket launchers. In one house, we saw drawings of
Mickey Mouse and Tweety cartoon characters on the walls and under the bed in linen
boxes, we found RPGs and Kalashnikovs.
I remember entering the house, breaking in through the door of the first floor and seeing
dozens of people gathered there, mainly women and children. I asked them if there was
someone else in the house and they replied that there wasn’t anyone else at home.
I climbed the staircase, then suddenly the grandmother jumped and cried out: “don’t
go up there!” I told her- “but you said there is no one else in the house.” She kept on
saying: “don’t go up there, don’t!” I understood that something was wrong. I told her:
“OK”, and went up. Then I realized that this second floor served as the headquarters
of the Hamas. The first floor was for women and children and the second one- for the
Hamas. This is something that you often see in private homes.