Testimony Num : 150

He Understood that this Woman has Undergone Abortion just a few Hours Ago

Tzabar Regiment, Givati Brigade

Our main activity was at the Huwara Checkpoint which was known as a difficult
one. Thousands of Palestinian citizens passed through this checkpoint, from the area
of Nablus to the rest of the West Bank and from there into Israel. This checkpoint
was established mainly due to the many terror attacks in Israel that took place at that
time, as well as in the settlements of the West Bank. The checkpoint was meant for
checking the people coming out of Nablus, not vice versa. In the humanitarian aspect,
this checkpoint was not simple, because many people passed through it, which created
great work pressure. The soldiers had to check each and every person with the metal
detector, as well as the entire equipment.
In this specific checkpoint, as well as in others in that sector, it happened more than
once that someone took out a knife and tried to stab the soldier checking him. It was
a difficult situation. I will tell you about one case, just to demonstrate how complex
the situation was. At the checkpoint, we had a humanitarian line meant for women
and children that usually operated faster due to less extensive checks (sometimes we
would open a humanitarian corridor for men, if we had enough manpower). One of my
soldiers stood there and checked the bag of one woman. He saw something wrapped
up inside, soaked in blood.
He did not completely understand what he was seeing, but when he looked at the
woman, he saw that she was bleeding between her legs. He asked her what this was,
and she did not answer, so he checked inside the bag and realized that it was a dead
fetus. He then understood that this woman had probably undergone an abortion or
miscarriage just a few hours, or possibly a few minutes ago. He called me immediately
and we rushed over the medical doctor and the ambulance. The military doctor arrived
first and immediately pulled her aside to receive medical treatment.