Testimony Num : 214

This boy is the building’s insurance against an air strike

After a month of intense fighting during Operation Protective Edge, a humanitarian ceasefire between Israel and Hamas was declared. We were excited to return to Israel, but after about 45 minutes we received an urgent call to return to our vehicles and enter back into Gaza. As we started to organize we were briefed on what happened: Another force in the Gaza Strip was hit by Hamas fire, which was carried out despite the humanitarian ceasefire, and there were casualties in our forces, two dead, and a soldier who was kidnapped. In the Israeli culture a kidnap event is very traumatic. The reality has already proven that the consequences of kidnapping are so severe to the point of releasing thousands of convicted terrorists, most of whom have been proven to return to terror. Therefore, one could assume that this incident was occupying the highest ranks of the military and the government.

We drove to the scene as quickly as possible. We arrived and unloaded at a safe distance and started to run toward the area where, according to intelligence, the abducted soldier might be. During this run, which was really crazy, I noticed something I thought was not right. I saw a boy, maybe 10 years old, handcuffed to a pillar. At a glance, while running, the boy seemed not really aware of what was happening around him. I thought he might be mentally retarded, because he was walking around the pillar so calmly and comfortably as shells fell in the background and shots were heard from all sides. On the one hand it made me think that maybe he has been there for so long he simply got used to it. On the other hand, I could not help but wonder whether he was tied by Hamas at this point for a reason. Perhaps there is something in the building behind him that Hamas wants to protect. After all, this boy is the building’s insurance against an air strike.

Note – This incident occurred as part of the kidnapping of Captain Hadar Goldin, RIP