Testimony Num : 63

Cease-fires were the most dangerous moments

Rimon Unit

A cease-fire definition is to stop attacking. During the war, the cease-fires were violated
countless times by Hamas and its members. The IDF never initiated a violation of
the cease-fire. We were told that the cease-fire is the most dangerous moment during
Unfortunately, it cost the lives of three fighters, Benaya Israel z”l, Liel Gidoni z”l and
Hadar Goldin z”l, who were kidnapped, I think it was already near the end of the war.
The three fighters identified a suspicious movement and went to investigate it. They
did not open fire because, though they had identified a person, they did not know if he
was innocent or a terrorist. If they had broken the cease-fire, they would probably be
alive today. It hurts me to think about it, but we do not violate a cease-fire. That’s how
we roll.
We arrived 45 minutes after this incident. They put us into the depth of the area and
our goal was to look for tunnels in any house we entered. There was an indication of
the tunnel, but we could not find the shaft to take back Hadar – whether he was alive
or dead.