Our Activities

At the heart of the organizations’s activities is collecting the testimony from combat soldiers, who openly and honestly share their experiences. We have published two books with their testimonies and tens of videos which document the stories of our members.

As a part of the ongoing activities of the organization, we meet with pre-army service and high school students across the country. We organize town hall meetings, and speaking engagements for a wide variety of audiences on a range of topics, including the IDF’s code of conduct in battle, Moral dilemmas in battle, and more

My Truth has two guided tour options – one in the Gaza boarder district, and the second in the Shomron region – in the areas where the IDF is most challenged to fight and defend. We connect global new reports to the reality on the ground and intertwine the tour with personal experiences from combat soldiers. These tours are highly recommended.

My Truth actively engages in diplomatic activities in European parliaments and with members of the US congress, as well as defending Israel with-in international bodies, such as
the Human Rights Committee in the UN (OHCHR).

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