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2019 Activities

January – The New Testimonies Project

In January, My Truth completed our second Human Shields project. The project showcases newly documented testimonies of soldiers and commanders in print and video that shine a spotlight on the IDF rules of engagement, and on war crimes committed by Palestinian terrorist organizations. The testimonies, in the form of a report, were distributed among parliament members and public opinion leaders in Israel and around the world.

February – Applying to the International Criminal Court at the Hague

Following the launch of our Human Shields report, legal authorities confirmed that select My Truth testimonies describing violations of international law were admissible as evidence concerning war crimes.
Accordingly, and in cooperation with “The International Legal Forum” and “The Jerusalem Institute for Justice”, My Truth jointly filed a formal complaint against the Hamas organization and its leader Ismail Haniyeh at the International Criminal Court at the Hague. The complaint charges them with war crimes and crimes against humanity, based on the details in our testimonies project. For extended reading click here.

March – Panels, Discussions, Photos Exhibition and a Campaign in Europe

My Truth kicked off an extensive European speaking tour at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, where we proudly shared critical contextual perspective in a consistently biased forum. We participated in a discussion regarding no less than seven condemnatory reports and resolutions accusing IDF soldiers and the state of Israel of human rights violations. Ravid Alfassi, a member of our delegation and IDF officer, presented powerful firsthand testimony that impacted all in the room, if not the overall UN stance.

Simultaneously, My Truth displayed a photo exhibition outside the UNHRC hall, which provided visual accompaniment to the stories we shared inside.

From Geneva we proceeded to Brussels, to a debate at the European Parliament, where the Israeli point of view is too infrequently represented. We spoke to MEP’s about European money intended for humanitarian causes but directed to support terror; Hamas war crimes; and the values guiding IDF soldiers when confronting terrorists. Formally and informally, we developed and strengthened connections with EU officials, who will hopefully cooperate with us in advancing our cause. Read more about the activity in Geneva and Brussels here.

History made in the UN human rights council
For the first time in this anti-Israel and biased institution, an IDF officer presented his testimony challenging and exposing the lies regarding our soldiers

March – The Journey Continues to the US

Directly following our Europe tour, a My Truth delegation traveled to Washington, DC for the AIPAC annual Policy Conference. We participated in discussion groups, attended relevant panels, and created and strengthened connections with key individuals and relevant organizations. On Capitol Hill, we met with members of Congress and Congressional staffers, where we shared information about My Truth, shared insight into the “March of Return” riots on the Gaza border, and discussed possibilities for cooperation, in order to combat delegitimization efforts against Israel and its most staunch defenders.


May – Sweden speaking Tour and Meeting with members of Parliament

During another round of fighting between IDF and Hamas in Gaza, and just prior to Israel’s Memorial Day, we arrived in Sweden. On the agenda: appearing before several local audiences, and meeting with Swedish parliament members. Our theme: the complex reality that IDF soldiers face in striving to apply a clear ethical code against a terrorist organization devoid of any moral inhibitions. News of our impending visit triggered media attacks, and pressure on MP’s to prevent them from meeting us. Happily, most were undeterred and our event at the Swedish parliament, hosted by MP Lars Adaktusson, was joined by twenty MP’s and diplomats. Our public presentations in Stockholm and Gothenburg were attended by hundreds of people, who came to listen to our firsthand testimonies. For extended reading about the visit to Sweden, click here.

June – Speaking Tour in England and Meeting with British members of Parliament

We arrived in England the day before the Shavuot festival. Over the festival, we participated in four synagogue events, bringing the My Truth perspective to hundreds of attendees at a time when Israel those who support her are all too frequently under attack in the UK.

The main event however, took place in the British Parliament, hosted by PM Ian Austin in cooperation with The Israel-Britain Alliance. Our panel was reinforced by two significant local figures: Colonel Richard Kemp – commander of the British forces in Iraq, and lawyer Natasha Hausdorff – an International Law specialist. Both added important global perspective regarding terrorist organizations that systematically abuse civilians, and implications for western armies. Some seventy MP’s journalists, and other officials were in attendance.

Read more about My Truth’s activity in London here.


In Summary:
Our recent speaking tours brought us face to face with the widespread ignorance regarding IDF conduct as well as that of her adversaries on the battlefield, frequently accompanied by negative default assumptions about Israel. Although the voices that denounce Israel and IDF soldiers are loud and strident, the vast majority of the European public and its leadership is indifferent to the subject or has precious little knowledge about its realities. It is clear to us that expressing our voice – the voice of IDF combat soldiers – is crucial. My Truth remains motivated to spread the truth on every relevant stage possible, and to make the high moral standards of the IDF public knowledge. With persistence and resilience, slowly but surely, we remain confident our voice can be integrated into international discourse and thus have its intended effect.