Human Shields: Special Tetimonies Project

Human Shield is a project that unvalis the abuse of the local Palestinian civilian population by the Palestinian terrorist organizations. The testimonies in this project bring the story of former combat soldiers and senior members of the Department of Defense who have encountered in their service in blatant human rights and international law violations by the Palestinian terrorism, against Palestinian civilians, mostly children. The documented cases include many elements that reveal the cynical use of the civilian population by the Palestinian side. Although this use is considered a flagrant violation of international law and human rights.

My Truth is a grassroots, non-profit, educational organization comprised of IDF reserve soldiers who seek to share the values and experiences of Israeli soldiers and show the high moral standards they strive to meet. My Truth soldiers speak out openly and in firsthand about the unparalleled ethical dilemmas and complexities Israeli soldiers face. My Truth soldiers present an objective picture regarding the conduct of Israeli soldiers and their commitment to the IDF’s ethical code.

Our Goals

To show a balanced picture of reality, unimpeded by political agendas, about the dangers, complexities and ethical dilemmas Israeli soldiers face on a daily basis.

We are reliable, transparent and authentic source of testimonies that picture the conduct and actions of Israeli Soldiers.

To educate in Israel and abroad about the IDF’s moral values and combat ethics. We believe that educating about the IDF’s moral values and combat ethics is a Tikkun Olam (the concept of repairing the world in Judaism) which insures and preserves the high ethical norms of the IDF. We fill the gap and vacuum that was created in Israel and abroad when discussing moral values of Israeli soldiers and respond to those who slander and defame Israeli soldiers.

My Truth’s provides a safe and politically neutral platform for Israeli soldiers to share and express their personal stories, experiences and moral dilemmas.

How can I get involved?

Become a part of the My Truth and help share the stories of Israeli soldiers that are not heard around the world. These experiences deserve a greater audience in order for people to fully comprehend the unique viewpoint of the soldiers on the ground. There are many ways you can take part.

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