Lectures and Workshops

We hold workshops and lectures for a diverse and wide range of audiences around the world. We meet with youth groups, high school and college Students, VIP delegations, students in educational seminars, political and social activists and more. In and out of Israel we hold speaking engagements on college campuses, high schools, community events, synagogues, churches and more. We share a balanced insight about the conduct of the IDF with soldiers that speak up openly and in firsthand about their army experiences.

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Guided Tours

My Truth holds guided tours led by IDF reservists that share their own personal experiences and the reality on the ground in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

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Outreach & Education

We have been invited to speak in special discussions and panels in foreign parliaments around the world. We meet in Israel and abroad community leaders, politicians and opinion leaders. We meet with VIP missions and honored guests. We frequently appear in the Israeli and international media on matters concerning the IDF’s conduct, and share the values and experiences of Israeli soldiers and show the high moral standards they strive to meet.

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Media Work

My Truth aims to accurately depict the conduct and values of Israeli soldiers and our speakers frequently appear in the Israeli and international media on matters. We work transparently and speak openly to share the experiences and professional considerations of Israeli soldiers.

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Social Media

You can find all the hottest and most interesting updates about the actions of Israeli soldiers, information about My Truth’s latest endeavours, new testimonies sent in by soldiers, information on the fight against the delegitimisation of Israeli soldiers and more on our Hebrew and English Facebook pages.

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